Tiscon Ready Build

What does TisconReadyBuild stand for?'

Hello, welcome to the world of TisconReadyBuild; a downstream service brand which gives customised solutions for all your construction needs related to rebars. In line with the endeavour to come closer to the infrastructure industry, TisconReadyBuild stands as an effort to simplify your life and brings hassle-free construction for you when it comes to rebar usage.

What is ReadyBuild?

Adding to the long list of innovations in products & services, the latest entrant from Tata Tiscon is TisconReadyBuild.

TisconReadyBuild, a rebar downstream service presently offers the Cut & Bend, Couplers and BBS Development Services that aims at providing customised rebar shapes of rebar needed at the construction sites. In the future, Tata Steel plans to add more downstream products & services like pilecages and meshes under TisconReadyBuild brand. Currently there are 18 operating production facilities to provide 'Cut & Bend' services that covers the length & breadth of the country.

 Cut & Bend Rebar
What is Cut and Bend?

The cut and bend structures required in construction often use rebars of different shapes and sizes. Often cutting & bending of the rebars is done at the construction site by the unskilled labours. Since it is manually done by the labourers, there are high chances of inaccuracies & inefficiencies in the system. There are many other challenges that are faced by different stakeholders during the construction process that includes timely availability of material, skilled labour shortages, wastages, scrap disposal etc.

Unskilled labour at site
Wastages at site
Scrap Disposal

Cut and bend service under TisconReadyBuild aims at providing customised shapes of rebars needed at the construction sites. With ReadyBuild, the construction companies don't need to worry about the availability of SKUs needed in the Cut and Bend structure. The ReadyBuildCentrescustomise the lengths of the rebars and bend them at required angles in accordance with the project's blueprint. It is capable of making the common shapes stirrups to complex helical shapes.

The cut & bend production processes at ReadyBuildCentres involve 3 world class fully-automated Italian make machines.

Prima R (Stirrup Machine)

Shearline is a specialist cutting machine that cuts the rebar to required length with extreme precision. Robo Smart is a bending machine that gives rebar the required shape by bending rebars at required angles. It can bend rebars of all sizes ranging from 6mm-40mm. Prima R is a specialist coil machine which is used to make stirrups of different shapes. It uses the coils of sizes 6mm-12mm.

TisconReadyBuild provides the reliability of steel and supply, better site productivity due to reduced involvement of labour and reduced wastage. These centers give a 'just-in-time' delivery service that works like clockwork to meet a project's 'cut and bend' needs in compliance with the client's working schedule.

At an overall level, use of ReadyBuild will facilitate timely completion of projects leading to a better Working Capital Management and revenue realisation for construction companies. The ReadyBuildCentres are designed on and supported by the technology used in the cut and bend service offered by NatSteel, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Steel.

What are Couplers?

Couplers are hollow mechanical structures which are threaded inside and screwed on to two rebars, which are combined to form a mechanical joint. Tata Tiscon is the only Indian steel producer that manufactures its own line of mechanical couplers, which are to be used with Tata Tisconrebars. A coupler is used to reinforce bar joints between two rebars. The existing method to combine rebars is called 'lapping'. This is a process where two rebars are laid parallel to each other over a certain length and then tied together using a binding wire.

This lapping process is extremely difficult, labour intensive and time consuming. Furthermore, it involves the usage of additional material like concrete, rebars and wires to increase the strength of the joints which leads to an escalation in costs. In accordance with the IS 456-2000 code of practice, mechanical couplers can be used to combine two rebars. TisconReadyBuild's Couplers comply with En8D grade to ensure the chemical composition of all products match their predefined specifications. Our couplers are available in an SKU range from 16mm to 40mm, covering a wide range of customer needs, while ensuring structural integrity and savings in costs.

The benefits of using TisconReadyBuild Couplers:
Reduced rebar usage

Lap Lengths of the order of the 40-50x diameter, which cannot add any value structurally, are avoided

The usage of binding wires and handling issues by labourers is eliminated

Reduced Congestion

  The smooth flow of concrete pouring leads to structural integrity

  Ideal steel ratio ensures optimum steel in structural member cross section

w/o Lap
Higher steel integrity

  The mechanical joints are less dependent on the concrete load transfer

Faster construction

  Quicker installations are achieved thanks to reduced handling and faster assembly

Easier future extensions

Couplers can be installed as provisions for future extensions A coupler eliminates the unwanted look of extended rebars and the huge amount of concrete breaking required during extensions

Areas of application:

ο Wall to slab connection
ο Beam to column connection
ο Column-lap replacement
ο Raft foundations
ο Future extensions/additions
ο Precast elements

Wall to slab connection
Beam to column connection
Column-lap replacement
BBS Development Services

TisconReadybuild now offers professional service to develop Bar Bending Schedule customers. This BBS can be created using Auto Cad drawing or any other format like PDF or hardcopy.

The benefits of using TisconReadyBuild BBS service:
Error free

  Our team of experts use the latest computer software to      provide error free bar bending schedules

  Accurate positions and dimensions of all rebars

Accessible in multiple formats

  Bar bending schedules are available as AutoCAD     drawings, PDFs and hard copies

  Can easily be downloaded from the internet, once all     the requisite approvals take place

Saves time

  Streamlined cutting of rebars at the factory leads to faster production cycles

ReadyBuild Benefits
ReadyBuild promise for the construction community:
No Wastages
Less Labour hassles

Since cutting & bending process will done at ReadyBuild Center, hence the wastages at the site becomes zero and we take care of all the generated wastages.

Better Time Management

Labourers at a construction site essentially perform two functions involving rebars; cutting and bending and tying. ReadyBuild will significantly reduce the dependence on the labourers for cut and bend activities.

Unmatched Quality

ReadyBuild is delivered on an "On Time in Full" policy; i.e. it will be delivered within 7 to 15 days after finalisation of the design thereby significantly reducing pressure at the project manager's end to adhere to deadlines.

Better inventory management

Being a Tata Tiscon rebar, Readybuild is made from Virgin iron ore giving it superior strength and ductility than the secondary steel rebars in the market. It is also cut and bent by high precision machines making it the best in class in the category of ready to use rebars.

Easier procurement

Owing to its customised design and "On time in full" delivery pattern, ReadyBuild is present just in time at site on requirement. This not only reduces the amount of space you need to utilise for keeping rebars, it also helps you in saving costs associated with wastage and labour.

No misplacing of materials

ReadyBuild can be easily managed and its different shapes can be easily recognised with the use of identification tags.

Freedom in Design

The machines use to make ReadyBuild can transform any Tata Tiscon rebar into a shape you envision. You can now have the freedom to design complex columns, pillars, ceilings being worry free on the rebar to be used.

Lower Working Capital

ReadyBuild brings with it a design suited to the project requirements thereby reducing the cost involved in cutting and bending by the labourers. ReadyBuild also keeps your inventory costs to a minimum owing to the "On time in Full" delivery policy so that you save on real estate and overhead associated with wastage.

Timely Completion of project

ReadyBuild's "On time in full" delivery policy and the help from two coordinators as part of the after sales team guiding the usage of the cut and bent steel rebars for usage ensures that your construction ends on time with the best possible materials. The spill over benefits includes living a happy life supported by the Tata trust.

Strengthening of your brand

ReadyBuild sets the path for the timely completion of the project which is a key requirement for any promoter to envision the growth of their brand.

Q. What are the benefits of using Cut and Bend services through TisconReadyBuild?
A. With TisconReadyBuild, you get the advantage of:
ΟFaster completion of job with receipt of material in "sets"
ΟOn-time delivery
ΟMinimal wastage
ΟSuperior Quality in all terms (steel, angles, bends)
ΟLower inventory
ΟEasier procurement process for customers
ΟSavings on labour cost
ΟNo need for wastage disposal
Quality Check:
Q. What Quality standards are being followed by ReadyBuild Centers in the production of cut and bend products?
A. TisconReadyBuild meets the following Indian Standards codes - IS: 1786:2008, IS: 2502:2004, Indian Ductile Detailing code IS: 13920 - 1993.
Q. What are the check points to ensure the final quality of the product?
A. The check points that happen to ensure that the product delivered is in the best possible shape are:
ΟFIFO is used for raw material usage
ΟInspection and calibration of equipment is carried out at regular planned intervals
ΟStandard operating procedures for all activities are prepared to ensure consistency and repeatability
ΟProcess charts for monitoring of activities are prepared
ΟOnline inspection systems to ensure dimensional accuracy
Q. What are the tolerance levels with respect to dimensions/angles in shapes?
A. The tolerance levels for angles and dimensions are monitored against IS 1786:2008 and IS: 2502:2004 for quality check.
Q. Can the tensile testing to straight length material be witnessed?
A. Tensile testing of the steel rebars happens at the Jamshedpur facility of Tata Steel Limited only. The test certificate carries the result of this testing. The customer is free to get the product tested with any of the reputed testing laboratories.
Q. Is third party inspection allowed?
A. Third Party inspection can be done at ReadyBuild Centers or even at the construction site after delivery.
Competition & Pricing
Q. Apart from ReadyBuild, who are the other players in the Cut and Bend Market?
ΟThere are a few small players across the country doing piece-meal jobs. They deploy a single or incomplete combination of benders, shearing machines and stirrup machines.
ΟFew of the large construction companies have made the facility of cutting and bending in-house.
ΟOnly ReadyBuild has a full plant capacity catering to the entire rebar fabrication need of any construction site.
Q. Is the pricing same for all diameters and shapes?
A. For a package order, same price is charged for all the activities under normal circumstances. However, in case of any specific requirement, the prices may vary based on the job content.
Q. Can an order be booked for a longer time window at a current price?
A. The order booking is done based on the plant capacities and for a monthly window only.
Production Facilities
Q. What is the current total production capacity of the cut and bend material?
A. The current production capacity is 18000 MT per month from the 18 ReadyBuild Centers at Bangalore, Faridabad, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, NCR, Mumbai, Kanpur & Bhubaneswar.
Q. What are the types of equipment used in production units?
A. TisconReadybuild is made by the use of the following equipment:
ΟShearing Line
ΟAutomatic Benders
ΟStirrup Machines
ΟOverhead Cranes
Q. What are the shapes that can be produced in the plant?
A. The Bar Fabrication Shop responsible for making ReadyBuild is equipped to make any 2/3 dimension shape as per the Bar Bending schedule provided by the customer.
Dispatch & Delivery
Q. How is the compliance for the delivery schedule ensured?
ΟProduction plan is drawn out with the customers plan as the base and the dispatch is finalised consecutively
ΟCo-ordination with customer at every stage is maintained to ensure intimation and communication
ΟStirrup Machines
ΟOverhead Cranes
Q. What is the delivery lead time for cut and bend dispatches?
A. A 100 MT order typically takes 7 days for completion.
Q. How are the dispatches coordinated with the site?
A. The dispatch is coordinated in the following ways at the site:
ΟOnce the Bar bending Schedule (BBS) is received, it is clarified with the concerned planning engineer of the site.
ΟPriority of dispatch is obtained from the planning engineer.
ΟProduction of dispatches is planned in "sets".
ΟConfirmation of material detail is obtained from the planning engineer before dispatch.
Q. How is the product matched and controlled as per requirements?
ΟA loading list is prepared at the beginning of the production process that details the shape and quantity as per the customer Bar bending schedule (BBS). This list becomes the base for cross-verification with the production at every stage/process to ensure the right quantity and shape
ΟTagging during production ensures traceability and cross checking
Q. What is the mechanism to address wrong dispatches/receipts?
A. All material shipped must be inspected upon delivery and any inconsistencies from the order placed should be notified to the representative of ReadyBuild. In case the material shipped is not as per the order placed by the customer the errors in the dispatch will be rectified without any additional costs to the customer.
Q. Will customers be charged additional freight for transferring materials from steel yard to ReadyBuild Centers?
A. No, there is no additional cost for this.
Q. What happens in case of a major breakdown at the ReadyBuild Centre?
A. The ReadyBuild Centre has multiple sets of equipment to provide redundancy measures in case of a breakdown of equipment.
Q. Does ReadyBuild provide transportation on site?
A. Yes, ReadyBuild Center can arrange for transportation on customer requests. Alternatively, the customers could also opt for picking me up themselves.
Rush Order & Rework
Q. Can last minute changes in the Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) be accommodated?
A. They can be accommodated in urgent situations only and if the shapes have not been produced.
Q. What will be done, if during fixing, some bars are found missing, casting needs to be done within hours and the customer cannot wait for supplies from ReadyBuild Centres?
A. It is advisable to have dedicated resources that can cross check the material once it arrives, with reference to the Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) and the corresponding loading list. They may raise an alarm in case of any mismatch. If it so happens, Tata Steel will immediately deliver the material within the next 12 hours.
Q. How can ReadyBuild Centres service urgent/unforeseen requirements?
A. If the urgent requirement is for 4-5 MT in shapes which can be accommodated in small trucks like Tata 407, dispatches can be arranged on the same day and the product will be delivered at day time as the trucks will not face any entry restrictions
Q. We have a concern that the urgency of customer may not be adhered to as the system may not allow the production schedule to be altered?
A. Though, the production process is automatic, there can be a manual override to accommodate special urgent orders.
Q. What is the promise from ReadyBuild Centres, in case the material supplied is not as per BBS? What are the response times and the corrective actions taken?
A. All material shipped must be inspected upon delivery and any inconsistencies from the order placed should be notified to the representative of ReadyBuild immediately. In case the material shipped is not as per the order placed by the customer the errors in the dispatch will be rectified without any additional costs to the customer.
Material Traceability
Q. How is the identification and the traceability of materials maintained?
A. The following steps are taken to ensure my traceability:
ΟTagging as per the shapes.
ΟMaking bundles with standard number of pieces.
ΟProper packaging of shapes/customised packaging as per the given requirements.
ΟCreating master bundles as per the Bar Bending Schedule (BBS), if required.
Q. What information does the identification tags contain?
A. The identification tag for each of my lots contains:
ΟCustomer Name
ΟProject Name
ΟMember Name
ΟBar Mark
ΟDiameter of Bar
ΟCut Length
Ο Number of Pieces
ΟGrade of Steel
Ο Shape
Ο Date
Q. What are the documents apart from the identification tag that are sent with the material?
A. Invoice and Test Certificate are issued along with the product. The loading list carrying the material (bundle wise) is attached to the invoice, which helps in segregation of the required material as per the shapes.
Q. Will the mill tag of straight length material be provided with the Cut and bend products?
A. The mill tag is not provided with the cut & bend products. Though, the test certificate from the parent material will be accompanying the identification tag of cut and bend.
Q. How would pilferage problem of Cut and Bend materials be addressed?
A. It is advisable that the vehicles be accompanied by a person from the customer's end.
Q. Can ReadyBuild Centres help us in finalising the Bar Bending Schedule (BBS)?
A. Once a mutual agreement is reached, a planning engineer from our side will work closely work with the site engineer to clarify all issues before execution.
Q. Is Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) preparation undertaken by ReadyBuild Centres?
A. Not currently, but ReadyBuild is planning to develop such services in the future.
Q. What happens if there is a delay in receiving the drawings from the consultant?
A. Ideally, the delivery time for the material is 7 days. But, under very critical conditions, production can be taken as a special case.
Q. Can ReadyBuild assist or organize fixing at site?
A. This service is not provided by us but we can help you get in touch with the relevant agencies to do so.
Q. Bar Benders will not take responsibility if something goes wrong. What should be done?
A. TisconReadyBuild is a result of an emerging yet a strong concept (that of cut and bend through a Bar fabrication Shop) which is gaining quick acceptance and becoming a norm. The bar benders need to be educated on Cut and Bend to encourage its usage.
Q. Bar benders will go to another site if the material is delayed, or there is delay for some other reason, since they will have no job except for fixing. How would such a situation be handled?
A. Tata Steel ensures that there is a full compliance with the delivery schedule. Additionally, there is a limited possibility of idle workforce as any on-going project has requirements on a day to day basis.
Q. How will the availability of bar benders only for fixing be ensured?
A. It is advisable that the rates of the bar benders be fixed at the beginning of the project. However, if the project is in its middle phases the rates can be re-negotiated.
Q. What documents are sent along with the dispatches of the Cut and Bend material?
A. Invoice, Test certificate, Loading List, Lorry Receipt and Weighment Slips are sent along with every dispatch.
Q. How is the invoice weight of Cut and bend dispatch arrived at?
A. The weight of the vehicle is first measured pre loading; the exercise is repeated post loading. The difference between the two is the weight of the material. Theoretical weight for material of each diameter is obtained from the loading list. Actual to theoretical weight ratio is calculated and each diameter is invoiced proportionately.