TATA Pipes

Tata Pipes

Growth in population and scarcity of resources has lead to increase in the safety concerns nowadays. People are moving from individual houses to high rise apartments and are aware of the devastating effects of fire. Today all large projects are using Fire Fighting installations for prevention against any mishap. For Tata Steel safety has always been a key concern. With this in mind, Tata Pipes has initiated the first of its kind offering for the Fire Fighting segment in the form of Red Oxide Coated Pipes.

Tata Pipes given its quality checks is a stable pipe with its inherent properties like durability and bendability tested over time. Tata Pipes have forged market leadership in fire-fighting segments by providing superior performance over competition. With sizes ranging from 25 mm to 300 mm nominal bore ā€œCā€ Class MS (Tata) Pipes conforming to IS 1239 & IS 3589, the steel tubes from Tata Steel find an extensive usage in real estate project all over the country, irrespective of Residential, Commercial or Manufacturing sector.


Infused with the strength of superior quality raw material from Tata Steel, Tata Pipes have high weld consistency and integrity, extended service life and trouble free performance. Material strength is guaranteed by low levels of sulphur, phosphorus and impurities. All material properties such as ductility, bendability and strength attain high values when HR strips used as raw materials undergo controlled rolling in Tata Steel mills where the percentage of carbon and manganese are tuned to optimum levels.Tata pipes with Red Oxide coating is introduced by Tata Pipes with relevance for firefighting applications. It is also perfect for widespread industrial process pipeline applications. These pipes have zinc chromate based primer coating of approximately 30 microns thicknesses on the outer surface which increase the life of pipes during storage and also provide improved surface finish. They have chamfered/deburred ends to save edge preparation time and enhance weldability at site. The lazer printed batch identification number on each pipe enables foolproof material identification and faster completion of inspection. Especially designed Propylene end caps prevent the entry of dirt and hence reduces internal cleaning efforts.

The Red oxide pipes are easily available in the size range 15 mm ā€“ 300 mm Nominal Bore and are delivered in agreed size mix, On-Time-In-Full quantity to the site. They provide upto 4% saving on labour and material cost, besides resulting in significant reduction in project execution time.