Nest-In is Tata Steel's smart steel based modular construction solution. With its highly efficient delivery mechanism, Nest-in strives to provide complete turnkey solution with unique customer experience at its core. It is suitable for various applications like pre-fab housing, pre-fab modular toilets, portable cabins, security cabins, etc.

The offerings of Nest-In are geared towards meeting existing and upcoming requirements under various government initiatives like Swacch Bharat program, Smart City initiatives and CSR initiatives of various corporates. Apart from these, Nest-In has a basket of offerings which caters to various light weight pre-fabricated construction solutions requirements for projects and operations.

Key Technical features of Nest-In:
ΟEco-friendly construction process involving 100% recyclable steel and dry construction method
ΟThe patented DippleKlick technology
Ο Made of cold rolled high strength galvanised steel which is highly seismic resistant
Ο The thermal insulation between the internal and external wall cladding
Ο Wall cladding of high densityfibre cement boards, provides conventional look and feel & strength to the walls
Ο The brand name TATA – a hallmark of quality products.
Housing solution

Nest-in provides various options in industrial and commercial housing. Be it guest house, labor house, barracks, office room or rest room, we have expertise in all.

Utility solution

Nest-In offerings also include modular toilets, porta cabin, guard hut, bus shelter, smart toilet, RO plant. We are ready to explore more customized product based on your requirements.


Nest-In comes with different value additions. We provide the customer with options of false ceiling, fancy flooring, solar panel, rainwater harvesting, anti-termite spray, waste management etc. Even if there is some special requirement from the customer, we try to fulfill it.

Nest-In Portable Cabin

Nest-In portable cabins are well insulated and prefabricated to ensure the speediest installation. High quality interior planning and furnishing make these inspiring workplaces a convenient and comfortable environment, even in the toughest locations.

From the house of Tata
Built-to-suit; Customizable to your requirement
Ready-to-occupy; Prefabricated structure
Premium quality branded internal furnishing
Thermally insulated
Durable and maintenance-free
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ΟOffice and rest area at mines
Ο Premiumm living space at tourist destinations
Ο Quick solutions for ATMs guard huts and conference rooms
Ο Developmental activity requirement for classrooms, medical stores etc.
EzyNest – Portable Toilets
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