LRPC stand Wire

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Low Relaxaman fire-snessea Concrete (LRPC) Slrands and Pre-svessed Concrete (PC)W1res cater to the infrastructure segment requirements for buildmg bndges, dams and many other large stuctures. The producls are well-eslablshed.In the entire country in the construction, fencing and farming sectors‘ and the brand TATA WIRON ws well accepted by consumers

PC Stand Applications

Low Relaxation FC Standard wires are used in pre stressed concreate girdersfor roadriver & railway bridges and flyovers, pre stressed atomic reactor domes, Slabs, Silos, Hangers, Acqeduct LNG Terminals, High Rise buildings, Rock Anchoring, Wind mills, Port Conctivity, Via duct and railway sleepers

What is meant by 'Low Relaxtion'?

Pre stressed stell stand when stressed and embedded in concreat, loses the applied stress exponentally as time passes. The loss of stress called 'stress Relaxation' and is one of the important fators in the design of pre stressed concreat structures. If the assumed relaxation n stress can be reduced then many advantages can be expected.


-up to 10% reduction in stell requirement is possible

-Les numbers of anchorages, heathings, wedges and labour, resulting in reduction of project cost

-Reduction in concrete requirment due to reduce size of stuctural members

-Thermo Mechanical processing eliminating necessity of extra post staigting treatmnet

standard sizes 12.7mm 15.2mm