About us

Daga Group is a family run business, headed under the dynamic leadership of Mr. K K Daga, along with his brother Mr. R K Daga and son Mr. Sanjay Daga. The company was founded in the year 1960. From humble beginnings as brokers for re-rolling mills of major steel producers, to the present age flourishing empire, Daga Group has come a long way.

We have a long and outstanding relationship of over 4 decades with Tata Steel. To recognize this association, Tata Steel has entrusted us with the exclusive distributorship for the Delhi-Haryana territory.

We are blessed to have an extremely earnest, trustworthy and diligent workforce, some of whom have been with us since the genesis of the company, who have played a pivotal role in the company's expansion.

The product range we deal in, encompasses the following -
TATA Tiscon (TMT Rebars)
TATA Readybuild (Customised TMT Rebar/Offsite Cutting and Bending of Rebar)
TATA Pipes
TATA Tiscon (TMT Rebars)
TATA Structura (Hollow Tubular Sections)
TATA Pravesh (Pre-Fabricated Doors)

To provide the company with an additional entrepreneurial impetus, the third generation namely Anjali Daga and AdarshDaga (Mr. Sanjay Daga's off-springs) have also joined forces recently. This should facilitate in infusing fresh ideas and keeping up with the ever evolving business world.